The Big Installation

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In November (2016), I was approached by the librarian of the Browning Middle school, Brenda, to create a bright space for the kids in the library. I did not attend school in Browning and when I went in to talk to Brenda and brainstorm ideas for what pictures would work, I was SHOCKED by the library. There are no windows. NO WINDOWS! The library is in the center of a pod and so it has no natural light and the furniture was institutional. After talking with Brenda, for perhaps 2 seconds, I released this was going to be a grand adventure: to make this library a land of imagination and learning! We may have spent a little too much time brainstorming because a class came in and I had an impromptu presentation on photography for the kids. Those poor kids!

Originally, Brenda had decided on three large mounted prints and several metal prints for the room. She took those photos and translated them into new furniture around the room. Tuesday morning, I brought in the prints (it was a long process of getting orders done with a purchase order, let me tell you!) and we hung them on the wall. I am not going to lie, I shed a tear or two to see my photos bringing life into that room. We hung them up after school and I asked Brenda to let me know what the kids thought. The kids loved it!  By Thursday afternoon, Brenda has added more photos to her order and we are in talks about what more can be done. I am gonna be honest, the idea that my photos are hanging in a place where so many people can see them just makes me smile from ear to ear.

Here you can see what the library’s new additions look like!

The balloons have the bright colors to warm the room and bring in a sense of movement as the balloons go from ascension to bopping in the brilliant blue sky.

The three mounted prints are from a local event, North American Indian Days. Not only do the bright colors bring a sense of joy but the dancers bring a sense of pride in both the Blackfeet culture and local events. Of the three mounted prints, my favorite is the more abstract horizontal above the bookcases. The photo is a close-up of a male dancer’s costume where the ribbons were swearing from the ceaseless wind as well as the dancer’s movements.

The foam mounted print is also from North American Indian Days. The blur of the photo gives a feeling of movement.

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