asunkidd photography is the creative brainchild of graphic designer, Kayla Peace and photographer, Jenny Beuerman.

Jenny Beuerman grew up traveling around the western United States. These roots are reflected in her photographs of varied western landscapes. Jenny is also passionate about working with and around animals, which also comes through in her portfolio. Jenny has worked in a variety of jobs (zoo clean up crew, Invasive species strike team, and ranch hand to name a few) and has taken full advantage of the photo opportunities that have arisen from this nomadic lifestyle.

Kayla Peace grew up in Cut Bank, MT and has always dreamed of being part of the design world in some fashion. Kayla really expected to have a job much like that of Peggy in Mad Men. After she worked for a small ad agency, then worked as an in-house graphic designer for a software sales company. She was laid off from that position, which then sent her wondering what to do. So she joined the US Army. After 4 years, she found her way back to her love for design. She has now worked for 3 years as a graphic / web design for a small company in Austin, TX. Kayla enjoys her job and excited for the opportunities asunkidd photography will bring.